Crug Cup

You know how in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” Toula’s dad says everything in the universe can be traced back to Greece? Well, I say everything can be traced back to Craigslist. Even the World Cup. No, (unfortunately) they are not selling professional soccer players. If they were, they’d have to be listed under beauty and health. Or outdoor. (Or kink.) Sorry, I digress. I propose that in searching Craigslist for a (not necessarily icky) couch from each of the nations remaining in the Cup and voting on which one we like the best we can predict the winner. Here are the four contenders:

Number 1: Spain

(Nooo, this was not in the free section.)  Beige, with earthy accents.

Number 2: Netherlands

Beige, with colorful accents.

Number 3: Germany

Light beige (OK, white), with no accents. The Europeans, they lika the beige.

Number 4: Uruguay

In Uruguay there are no couches, at all. At least on Craigslist. So I had to go with the only other thing I could find that you could sit on. No beige in Uruguay. They lika the black.

So whad’ya think? I’m partial to the Uruguayan seating (as well as to a few of the players). Now you pick, and we’ll see come July 11th if there truly is a universal connection to Craigslist. Oh, and send this along to your soccer fan buddies – the more votes we have the stronger the correlation!

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