Free Plastic Alien Head

I did not even have to make up that title. It’s part of the description. The whole description reads:

free plastic alien head container from alien pop suckers.

It looks like this:

I would not call on an item like this. It’s generally the kind of thing that gets smuggled in every day by one of the kids and that I try to sneak out the next day. It’s a constant (losing) battle. I like that the ad poster went to the trouble of posting something so quirky. And I like the sound of the words ‘alien pop suckers’. It’s got an expletive kinda feel to it. It might come in handy one of these days, as in:  ‘WHICH one of you ALIEN POP SUCKERS forGOT to flush the TOIlet again?!!!!

Today’s crug is a typical example of desperate CAPITALIZATION (remember? the larger the letters the cruglier the post). The title reads:


I hardly want to admit it but the ad poster posted from the town I live in. You’ll understand why I’m embarrassed after you follow link:

Seriously. If I had to choose an emblem of the cool little town I live in it would be a palm tree or a kid on a skateboard, not a miniature dump. Don’t get me wrong – I am not going to be winning the Nobel Neat Prize anytime soon, but this is anti-productive. (The Crug Consultant in me raises her ugly head.) People – you must clear away the paraphernalia. Everyone already has their own paraphernalia at home, and they cannot relate to a couch, especially a cushionless, ugly one, with someone else’s junk strewn all over it. You need to present a clean slate so that their sub-conscious minds can adorn the furniture with their own favorite mumbo-jumbo. This will subliminally endear them to what you’ve got on offer and you’ll have a far greater chance of getting someone to come haul it away from your messy existence. No one is ever going to picture their plastic alien head on the armrest in  the likes of a clutter like this…


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2 Responses to Free Plastic Alien Head

  1. george senda says:

    these are going for $ 60-75 on ebay. go ahead and laugh. they’re collectible !

  2. angela howell says:

    im interested in the free plastic alien head email me bac if u still have it

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