When I’m That Worn Out I Hope My Beauty Still Shines Through Too

Old couches are like people, you can work a lot with cosmetics but it helps to have started with a decent design in the first place. You can smell like cats, have broken legs, or need a new outfit but a keen observer will pick up on potential right through those inconveniences. Conversely, having a beautiful frame doesn’t necessarily beget a beautiful being. There’s that little detail of having lived a beautiful life that no other element of design can replace.

Did a cat ever curl up in your lap? Has a giggling child used you as a launching pad? Were you surrounded by books and Sunday papers and pots of coffee? Have you ever been rocked by passionate loving?

Were you lucky enough to have had grandparents who loved you and brushed you off gently when you were covered in powdered sugar? Some couches are not that lucky. They may have been spilled on by careless strangers, ripped by trusted friends, or neglected for other various reasons. Yet, it seems almost any couch can be repaired if you really put your attention to it, and renovate with heart.

Analogy-wise, this idea that an old couch doesn’t have to be disgusting despite being worn or even damaged gives me comfort. The core still counts even when the details are messed up. And — the Crug Consultant in me can’t resist — if at the very least you take the time to make sure things are clean, you’re already ahead of the pack. (Remember that, kids.)


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