About Go Crug Yourself

There’s e-waste. And then there’s c-waste (icky couches on Craigslist). And on Craigslist there are some mighty crugly specimens.

crug·ly (adj.)
a cross between Craigslist and fugly

Craigs·list (noun)
supercool website where the entire galaxy coalesces. One-stop shopping for a job, an apartment, a date, a rescued pug, a free jar of open baby food, and the universe’s largest collection of used couches.

fug·ly (adj.)
1. a term used generously on the website Go Fug Yourself, a fabulously funny frenetic frying of the foolish and famous’ frocks and foibles. 2. a cross between ugly and your choice of words that begin with the letter f (fantastically, frightfully, freakishly, …) There, is that enough f’s, you get the (f-ing) picture?


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