What Does This Remind You Of?

Well, I didn’t have to look long to find this one in San Diego. What a beaut! And free too! Won’t wait long to be scooped up by some savvy collectioneur (does anyone out there know if this is an Ethan Allen?). Offered with another (less fine, ahem) blue and white striped couch, these choosy owners are looking for a loving family to adopt their pet’s couch pet: “Moving and Need to get these couches out of here.”

Oh COME ON dudes, if you want someone to come haul your couch away for free, you’d better upload a picture which doesn’t make it look like:

  • a frat-house reject
  • you might hit 80mph on the down slope if you tried to lay on it
  • someone’s butt


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“rips, tears, stains, musty smell, but FREE”

As if that description weren’t enough to whip up any potential takers into a frenzy, they’ve really maxed out the tension by posting this extremely sexy view of the couch sans cushions


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